Saturday, 2 June 2012

What is meant by the word STRATEGY

To SME Owners in SA

The word strategy is used in different context all the time, here's how to keep it simple in your business.
I have been working with SME businesses for 15 years, this is my take on strategy.

Strategic discussions/conversations.
- on issues affecting your business, ie, probing into the following,
           -customer service
           -performance measurement
           -where are the key opportunities
           -brand building
           -social media marketing
Strategic thinking,             
-We have 60000 thoughts a day, so thinking never stops, it is continuous, but you need to share thoughts, most times two minds are better than one.
- no immediate answers, combination of gut feel, intuition and facts, deal in facts not fiction.
- by it's nature it is informal.

Strategic planning,
-structured time with key focus areas
-do a C.O.S.T. analysis
-action plans
-control with financial data

Strategy is then about learning-seeing your business through different eyes( this is one of the key
benefits of contracting my services)
-being alert to change
-dreaming up new ways of doing things
doing it consistently-this a key trick, it is not just once a year for us SME businesses
Tell next time may the Force be with you.I am your silent partner helping you work on your business.

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