Friday, 1 June 2012

Winners, Losers, and Marginal businesses

To the TEAM SME Owners in SA.

We all want to be a winner, so how much of a player is your business, even being a marginal player could be worth while.
There are always exceptions to the rule when it comes to the following, in every market there are four main players, then there are many smaller players, fighting the day to day battle not to be a loser.

One good way to try and get a handle on how you play the game, is to have a feel for the rand size of your market, you obviously did some form of research. So if you are a b2b business and need to quote for business, the volume of quotes in rand will give you a good indicator. You may need to reposition your business, your market won't stand still, to keep playing you, we, need to be flexible, more innovative(within the business) and more creative.The secret is how quickly you move, the leader sets the pace,as Kahlil Gibran said"it is when you are pursued that you become swift".

So always reposition, reposition, reposition, change, get through to your team they must move with the times.

We all know that the business world is growing more complicated each day, new techniques, new competitors, new regulations( this is a pain in the-----) a new generation of workers, but try to keep it simple if you can, many of us need certain levels of support.

Your leadership style, skills are critical, whether you micro manage or not.

But you might say, your business is profitable, good, but is it enough to create wealth for you and a good standard ol living.

Till next time may the Force be with you,I am your silent partner helping you work on your business

Guy Daines                you may wish to join-SME owners in SA group via Linkedin

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