Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Good Growth vs Bad Growth

To SME Owners.

Yes well all want good growth, we have heard it before, lets have the RIGHT GROWTH.

Growth in most forms increases sales, but it must be cost effective, it must be at the right margin.
Right growth is sustainable, the right type of clients, the good paying clients.

Growth should come more from ORGANIC and DIFFERENTIATED approach. Some businesses grow due to their clients growing, ie if you supply a retail outlet/ group and they open 10 new stores your sales will grow, simple enough.

Growing by price discounting is a very very short route, it works for sum, not all, it will be interesting to see how Cell C (here in SA) wins business with their new offer.

The right growth comes from continuously looking at your product range, new products, product improvement, but also which is a key factor is your all round service levels.

Cool go take time out to check how your business is growing, watch the type of business your reps bring to the table.

Till next time may the Force be with you.