Tuesday, 26 June 2012

YOU and YOUR SME Business

To SME Owners.

Starting up your business, did you ever imagine, the great highs and lows you would go through, over the three, five, ten, fifteen years.I admire many of you, running your business can be a lonely endeavour.
What keeps you going?
    Are you driven by a desire to prove yourself,
    Is it an ego thing,
    Is it doing the next big deal,
    You want to build something, to be remembered,
    You want to be seen as a winner.

Then why does it all go wrong?-could it be due to.
     Poor decisions
     Not seeing the risks,
     Lack of relevant management and leadership style,
     Trying to take on to many opportunities, etc etc.
So is there anything you can do about it, sure-
    Be realistic,( yes do reality checks from time to time)
    Work on getting a balance,
    Look at what is important in running a sustainable business,
    Do you really know yourself,
    Get help so you can work on your business, not in it,( believe me this is a key issue)
    Keep Learning, are you improving your skills set, etc etc.

South Africa needs strong, sustainable SME businesses, do not allow yourself to fail, always see the big picture, yep it is hard doing business in SA, you can and must succeed.

Till next time may the Force be with you, I am you silent partner helping you work on your business.
You may wish to view,www.2bbiz.co.za and www.businessengage.co.za.
Two sites I enjoy.



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