Monday, 13 July 2015


To SME Owners

- It is always a great way to look yourself in the mirror.

What position is you business currently in, are you losing clients, are staff being drama queens, have you got mavericks that do not work the system.

Then check out your LEADERSHIP STYLE, most of the issues in SME business today are due to owners not being on their game, they blame the economy, they blame the government (which government is always on their game!) they blame there staff, but you employed them.

Go check out what it really takes to take you business to different levels, I had a chat with a Sme owner recently, re staff, great staff equal a great business, he said, great staff adds up to higher overheads, staff costs, !!!!!, amazing.

Make sure your emotional IQ is a focus, are you a great motivator and mentor. COOL

Till next time my the FORCE be with you.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Something NEW

To SME Owners

Yep 6 months gone in 2015, ask yourself the following.

- What did you change in your business the past 6 months that will have an impact on the next 6 months in a positive way.

-Did you just do the same old stuff, which will get you the same old results, and will put undue pressure on you.

- What new things did you introduce into your business.
- Remember there are winners, loses and marginal players in your market, the trick, is to define in your terms how will you measure being a winner.

- look at the key changes you made, if you did not make any, big concern, see what the risks will be,
you are a risk taker, that's what makes you different. Go smash your opposition, but be humble, go do more thinking and research.

Till next time may the FORCE be with you.