Sunday, 15 September 2013

SME Reality Check

To SME Owners

Here's some interesting stuff, some learning points regarding start ups and businesses that have been going for awhile, I hear these comments, MAYBE it is the SME Owner trying to motivate himself ?,
I think there are other ways to do that.
- I have a great new product it will make me wealthy,
- I will list my business within x years,
- I know my business backwards, no one can show me a better way?
- I will get investors and all will be good?

Ok there are always exceptions to the rule.

Many Sme owners do not know what it takes to build WEALTH from their businesses. so through my Reality Check 303 model, I try to rearrange the way they SEE and THINK ABOUT THEIR Business.
Here's a trick or two,
- Keep things SIMPLE in your business,
- Make sure your staff know what, how your business works,
- Client/ Customer relationships, do not take as a given , make contact with them OFTEN,
- Understand your businesses CAPACITY

Till next time my the Force be with you, I am your silent partner helping you work on your Business.