Friday, 31 May 2013

Make the TOUGH Calls

To SME Owners

Are you making those tough calls to sort out your sme business, and are you moving with speed in making such calls.
Many sme's fail because they do not implement the above, you must be Ruthless, it is your business,
you carry the risk.

Yep every day you solve problems, (I Hate the word, haven't used it for years) better to use, opportunity, challenges.I have a client who has banned the word P, great stuff.

You need to accept that you need to be great at looking for solutions, you must thrive on challenges.

Success comes from sorting out challenges, be focused and disciplined, these are great habits to have, it sets you apart from the run of the mill owners.

Be flexible, but being stubborn and tough could save you a whole lot of sh one t,

I am helping a business, turn around needed, owners asked me what one thing you would change in the business, answer, no more adhoc leave for you and your partner, only at Xmas time, and the one partner must spend at least 5 hours a day, selling/marketing.(the business has been going for 10 years!)

Till next time may the Force be with you, I am your silent Partner helping you work on your business.


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Business Life Cycle

To SME Owners

It is always Important to look at where your business is in what we call the BLC, trying to identify where you are, is the trick. To do this set certain benchmarks, on those key areas you believe are
Here's a few pointers-
-your strategy challenges, the issues that are affecting your growth,
-what business controls do you have in place, or don't
-do you need more capital to grow your sales
-the structure of your business
-are you and your team becoming complacent/arrogant

To name a few, each stage of the BLC has it's own Challengers, over the years I have developed a BLC model, which helps me focus very very quickly on how to react/ act when looking at the big picture in Positioning businesses for BETTER RESULTS.

Till next time may the force be with you, I am your silent partner helping you work on your business.