Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Cool Product/ Unhappy clients???

To Sme Owners

So you have cool, great products, low pricing, so you think, you will win the deals, the war, wrong.

Clients want and need more these days, do you know want they want from your business. If I was you I would go and ask your top clients, yep those one's that are good payers and profitable, you chat to them, do not send a rep.

Yes sometimes you will think, and say, client xyz is a pain, is high maintenance, but before you bullet, fire them do your home work.

You must get a handle on the attitude of your client and how they think, most of them are inefficient, yes they are, most are busy being busy, so you have to understand your position vs theirs, but do you have to, nope, your call.

Chase the right clients, that fit your values, and culture, I can not over stress this enough, otherwise your business will not be positioned where it should be.

till next time may the Force be with you.

Monday, 6 February 2017

YOUR VALUE as an SME Owner

To Sme Owners,

I hope you ask yourself this often, do you see clients face to face,
Do your clients view you as being valuable to them, your Knowledge, your conversation is on the right track with them, do your bring solutions to the table, etc

Some other things to think about,

continue to educate your client,
help them make quicker decisions
have valuable input at every face to face meeting
remind how you can help them

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Till next time may the Force, be with You.