Tuesday, 26 January 2016

PROMOTING your SME in 2016

To SME Owners.

Lots been said about building your Brand, why and how etc,
 Keep it Simple.

-Your brand must create positive feelings in your clients, go ask your clients who you have great relationships with, best way to get feedback
- Your brand must create positive emotional reaction via various forms of contact with your business.
- Sales reps are taught to sell to a clients emotion, so your brand should.
- Try to incorporate your business values into your message to clients, the market.

REMEMBER everything is about PERCEPTION.
perception, is the process by which the brain organizes and interprets information it receives. visual information is key.

Tell next time may the Force be with you.

Monday, 18 January 2016

PASSION in 2016 will be OVERRATED

To SME Owners

We all read and hear about you must have passion, here is the deal you need to know about HOW
a business works, you can have all the passion you want, it will come to nothing, I have seen this over the past 18 years dealing with SME's

Here are a few" business understanding areas"

1 have persistence
2 know the different's between profits and cash flow
3 fully understand the risks
4 manage time, so you max your return on effort.
5 understand scalability

to name a few for you.

Till next time my the Force be with You.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Be SMART in 2016

To SME Owners,

Time to have your mind focused on the following,

-S is Simplicity, this will be your win or loss, so much today is over the top, be simple in every area.

-M is Momentum, you will need to ensure that your business has momentum.

-A is Attitude, this year you will come across many people who have negative attitudes, make sure yours is more than positive 99% of the time.

-R is Right type of clients, do not fall into the trap of taking on any new client just to do sales.

-T is Tenacity, be probing, questioning, have what it takes.

Till next time may the Force be with You