Thursday, 31 July 2014

SME Do Not Give up

To SME Owners

Times can and will get TOUGH, so here are a few guidelines to keep you FOCUSED.

- relook at the simple things to change in your business and can you do it quickly, move with speed.
- relook at your market, is it growing, relook closely at your key clients, are they at the right level of profitability and are they good payers.
- who are your top two key staff members, why are they good at what they do, chat to them about their views, it is good to listen?
- are you carrying to much stock, check how quickly your " slow moving stock" is moving.
- look closely at your Habits, do they need reviewing, are you setting the example.
- are you still having fun in your business, a key issue if you want to give up.

NEXT, go take a few days off, go and think about your business in quite time, in a new setting.

NEXT, when you get back to your office go visit some of your clients.

Till next time may the FORCE be with you.