Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Turning Your Business Around Part 2

To the SME Owner,

Last blog we chatted about cash/ collection management, next step

- What is your sales plan,
    - for the next week
    - for the next month
focus on the above, 5 days at a time, and 20 days in terms of your sales pipeline, important to do this if you as the owner run the sales team, or if you are the only sales person in your business,

Here is info from a book published in 1990 by J Shaw, till me if some things have changed?

In the 1990s' it will be of no value to run your business 'by the seat of your pants', Competition will be intense, only the strong will SURVIVE. Formalize a sales plan to cope with the demands of the new DECADE.

Yep for SME businesses what has changed in this regard.

Till next time may the Force be with you, I am your silent partner helping you work on your business.