Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Do your staff know your business

To SME Owners.

I am working with a young dynamic company(b2b) that does sales between R5million-R10million pa. they have been in the game for three years.

Everything is not just about getting sales, (yes sales is important) but it is more important for your team to get to grips very quickly with understanding BUSINESS.What makes a your business tick.
There are many ways to do this, with the above client, I am working on few areas that I believe is critical for improved performance for them. I have listed three below-

Area number one-Business culture ie how things are done in the business, the values set by the Bossman and the example set each and every day to instill the culture.This also includes the business language, what language does your sme business use/ speak.( could be using these words a lot)      
         whats the objectives, are you results driven, do you talk opportunities and challengers
         instead of we have this problem, is the business solution driven or excuses driven.

 A key advantage is your unique businesses culture, Why, no other sme can copy it.

Area number two-Maximise the value of the contact with their clients.
Area number three- Focusing on the key numbers in the business.
            Not just sale and gp%, but other numbers, you know what they are.

Tell next time may the Force be with you, I am your silent partner helping you work on your business.

Guy Daines

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