Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fire some Clients

To SME Owners

In one of my earlier posts I chatted about attracting the right clients, we all know that when you first start your business, in most cases it is to get clients, any type. Yes you have to build a client base!

So now you have been in business for more than five years, it is time to look very closely at your client base.I am sure you put clients on "stop supply" if they go beyond their payment terms, no
I thought not.(Ok there are exceptions to the rule)

Suppliers put you on hold, or fire you, so why not the same for clients, oh the client will go to the opposition.

Here's the deal, if your client is not profitable and a good payer you should be looking at your client
acquisition focus.Clients may even come back to you once they have tried to " play games" with their new supplier, and you may be able to charge them more!
Firing clients is good for the business, it gets the reps to really look at clients in a different way, helps reps to be more strategic(I covered this in a post on my sales blog)

There are different ways to go about implementing your fire policy. give it some thought.
Till next time may the Force be with you, I am your silent partner helping you work on your business.

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