Thursday, 25 October 2012

Your Sales Team and their client follow up!

To SME Owners

Here is a real live case of a lack of follow up, lack of research, and may be some Arrogance and
Com pliancy.
These two businesses are in the top 4 in their game/industry.

I dealt with one of them in 2010 (December), now needed a quote on a similar need in 2012 (September), rep came to see me, did all the rep stuff, and asked me if I had dealt with his company before, I said no!, not truthful, but wanted to see if he did any research!

When I dealt with the business in 2010, price was R20k, remember very similar need, rep came back with a quote of R36k, I asked him did you pick up from your system that I have dealt with your company before, he did not check! I told the rep that I had and the price was R20k, check out the rate of inflation? In the mean time called for a quote by a competitor, and showed the rep, the invoice of the deal I did in 2010 for R20k, yep he came back with a price of R21k. Even if his price was R25k I would have gone with him.

The rep who quoted me R36k came back with a price of R34k!
SO YOU KNOW WHO GOT THE BUSINESS.... so as an owner need to follow up on.....?

Till next time may the Force be with you, I am your Silent partner helping you work on your business

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