Thursday, 18 October 2012

Scalability of Your Business

To SME owners

This is an important part of running your business, given any focus on cost management.
The law of forced efficiency, is the idea that any job will expand to fill the time you allow for it.
                                            Interesting to say the least!

Herewith a real live case/numbers.(done in SA Rands)

The business moves many commodities, with majority of sales done on line. B2B

Business founded in 1999,
2001 sales R500k
2003 staff head count 13
2003 sales R4.5m  growth 201%
2004 salesR5.8m   growth 39%
2004 staff head count still 13
2005 sales R7.9m
2007 sales R18m
2007 staff head count 33         ( The management and leadership of this business must be good to great) what a business, client service and technology must be first class-well done to them.
The business is Euroffice uk
So always keep an eye on your scalability.
Till next time may the Force be with you, I am your silent partners helping you work on your business.

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