Thursday, 10 May 2012

Spotting New Opportunities-SME

Hi to SME Owners and entrepreneurs in SA.

With 30years business experience and since 1997 I have been consulting to and coaching SME businesses in Joburg and Cape Town who do sales of R3m to R50m pa
With one saying I like, Teamwork,you can succeed quicker and best by helping other people to succeed,  Through my new blog I hope to help you be more successful.My blog will try to focus on B2B who sell products. As in life there are always exception to the rule.

Spotting new Opportunities or stick to what you know?

We have all been there, we try to chase to many opportunities at once, thinking that big deal will be our gold pot, the easy part is coming across the opportunities, the trick and what is essential is having personal discipline and staying power to stay focused on your core business or one or 2 opportunities until the opportunity is turned into a sustainable-established business that can stand on its own.
Look at opportunities in your business ie- critical mass of clients for your business.

Remember there are winners, losers and marginal players, so next time an opportunity crosses your desk think twice before you run off in another direction.

Till next time may the Force be with you.I am Your Silent Partner helping You work on Your Business


Guy Daines
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