Friday, 11 May 2012

RSQP Formula

Hi to SME Owners and entrepreneurs in SA.

Here is a formula I came up with in 2008 for focus areas in a sme business, RSQP.

Quality---and then
If you can view your approach to your clients in the RSQP process and you have specific action steps in place to drive these, you should be in a moving foreward position, Yes! price is important, remembering that there are exceptions to the rule.

The above should help you pinpoint how you and your team Win Business, in my view it should be a combination of the above.

Great Relationships come from establishing lots of TRUST, yep we all know this.
Lots of us say we give great Service, here's what I have been trained to know , great service means,reliability,competence,speed of responsiveness,level of communication,understanding client needs,access to the team, credibility, Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten, as the saying goes.Quality means different things to different people, so how do your clients view your Quality.Price, in my view you are in Business to Find and Retain Clients who are Good payers and who are Profitable.So have a RSQP weekend, Rest,Smile,Quality time with loved ones and Party.

Till next time, may the Force be with You, I am your silent Partner helping you work on your business.


Guy Daines
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