Wednesday, 7 October 2015


TO SME Owners

Hi it would be great of you to mail me on your title or if you are an sme owner, I will not put you on my mailing list unless you ok it.
The objective is for me to obtain a feel for my Audience, given that my blog is read world wide.
Thank you it will really help me focus on the type of blog content going forward, some research.

Negotiate a BETTER deal, how,
-When you win a deal,your client must also feel that they won
-Understand the different personality styles of those you are dealing with, analytical, amicable,expressive, driver/control freak-it helps big time.
-Have a willingness to accept disagreement
-Are you a good judge of character
-Make sure you have done your homework.

cool, hope this helps you.
Till next time may the Force be with You.

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