Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Review your sales and marketing material

To SME Owners

When last did you layout your BRANDED material on your desk, boardroom table, and review it.

Building your business brand can be quicker than you think, plus brand building is an ongoing focus.

How does your opposition material stand up to your material, good to do this review once a year.
You do not have to spend big bucks, go to your local quick print shop, like Minute Man Press.

Has your material, got emotion, storytelling in the content, these are very powerful factors,
have you a common thread that focuses your prospective clients on how you will solve their problems.

Does your sales team understand what is being communicated and why, do they believe.

Go review your stuff now, it is an interesting project.

Till next time my the Force be with you. Blog by Kyle Daines

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