Monday, 23 May 2016

Your Decision to Grow

To SME Owners

Yes, growth, is hardwired to our PSYCHE, that's life in business, the TRICK, is
- how and when and why to go about it, this is the critical issue,
VERY FEW SME business owners spend time thinking about the type of growth, sales go up so we have grown, no, no.

- do not try to seize upon every opportunity that comes your way, why
   timing could be an issue, not geared up staff wise, finance wise, do not know the type of risks, do what if thinking.
- do not push into unfamiliar markets, without doing the right type of research, do not just buy another business because the numbers look good, the soft issues are key ie the people, the culture, their perception on relationships might be different to you.

Lots has been written about growth, I have done some posts on this interesting word, it is critical that you have a simple process to follow when you sit and think about how to go about it.

Till next time may the Force be with you.

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